IPA #34

6 lbs. Amber LME
1 lbs. Crystal 40
.5 lbs. Munich 20
1 lbs. Light Extract

.34 oz Warrior
3.4 oz Cascade

.75 lbs. Corn sugar primer

Suspected ABV: 5-6%
O.G.: ~1.042?

  • Our first ever beer!

It tasted quite robust, and had a good haze going on. Malt flavors tended to the roasted end of things. Hop flavors were muted at best, due to (we suspected) light penetration during fermentation. Later we learned it likely has more to do with the smaller boil we started with since our brewpot is only ~2.5 gallons. In the end, a smooth and delicious first beer, and definitely a recipe to build upon.



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