“Ginger Ale” Irish Red

6 lbs. Amber DME
1 lbs. Crystal 40
.5 lbs. Malted barley — toasted & crushed

1.5 oz Northern Brewer pellets
1 oz Tetnanger whole leaves

1 1/3 c. Amber DME priming

O.G.: ~1.05
Suspected ABV: 6%

  • Our first original recipe!
  • Our first barley toasting!

This beer had a greatly sweet scent as it came out of the fermenter. I mean, it just smelled great. So when we were bottling it, we had great expectations.

Fortunately, it didn’t let down.

Its alcoholic bite is slowly withering away to a smoother, sweeter taste up front. Its caramel-like midrange and balanced amount of carbonation make for a tasty finish, with some of the sweeter Red residues left over.

Like the Stoopid Stout, Ginger Ale seems to be benefitting greatly from bottle conditioning. As more mellow tones start coming out, this beer just gets better and better.



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