“India Fail Ale” Imperial IPA

4.5 lbs. Amber DME
3 lbs. Light DME
.5 lbs. Malted barley — toasted & crushed

2 oz Columbus pellets
.33 oz Cascade pellets (in boil)
1.66 oz Cascade pellets (in fermenter)
.25 oz Northern Brewer pellets
.15 oz Tetnanger whole leaves

1 1/3 c. Amber DME priming
2 tsp. Gypsum salt

Hop schedule:
00 mins – 1.5 oz Columbus
47 mins – .5 oz Columbus
50 mins – .25 oz Northern Brewer, .25 oz Cascade, ~.15 oz Tetnanger
60 mins – .1 oz Cascade
After primary fermentation ends – remaining 1.66 oz Cascade

During bottling: be sure to spill at least 1 gal. of the unprimed beer on your carpet. Yes, right there on the floor. It’s important — don’t try to cut corners by spilling on linoleum or hardwood floors. We recommend using the syphon hose to assure accurate spillage.

O.G.: ~1.066
Suspected ABV: 9%

Notes: all sorts of hop oils will rise to the top of this brew. Don’t be surprised to see an “oil slick” type of thing while you’re bottling. Also, not the best idea to get your nose right in there if you value your sinuses.
  • Our second original recipe!
  • Our first imperial brew!
  • Our first use of dry hopping!

Taste is as powerful as to be expected: big, tough flavor with no shortage of hops. For something with as much green involved, it still has a quite malty profile, if you ask me. It is immediately obvious that this beer has reached the double-digit ABV range. It only takes a few sips for that buzzing to arrive. It has held up well over the months of being bottled, and a glass in August tasted just as it did in April. I’d like to take another crack at it soon!

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