“Tesla’s Secret Steam-Powered Beer”

From one of the thousands of unreleased designs and inventions by Nikola Tesla (and one of the very few not stolen by Edison, that gutless puke) comes this special recipe. A steam beer by style, this scientific brew has been known to animate machines in faraway places, vaporize small animals (painlessly), and set fire to small towns in Colorado.

For each of the patents stolen by Thomas Edison, for every still-unrealized wireless technology, and for the comparitave dystopia we live in today for lack of Nikola Tesla’s great mind, we turn on the lights and drink this effervescent  all-American ale.

Ingredient list:

0.5 lbs. Crystal 40
7 lbs. Mountmellick Light LME

1.5 oz German Perle
0.5 oz Cascade

Wyeast 2035 American Lager (Activator line)
4 oz Dark brown sugar (priming)
4 oz Sucrose (tbd) (priming)

Hop and grain schedule:

90-60 mins – Steep 0.5 lbs Crystal ~160°F
60-50 mins – Gradually add 7 lbs. LME in boil
60 mins – 1.5 oz Perle
4 mins – 0.5 oz Cascade

During bottling: brown sugar was chosen for adding a bit of molasses flavor to an otherwise plainer style. Improving over past missteps, I’m upping the total amount of priming sugar from 4 oz to 8, which should produce steam beer’s trademark carbonation.

Original Gravity: ~1.04
Suspected Alcohol-by-Volume: 4.2%
  • Our fifth original recipe!
  • Our first steam beer!
Tasting coming soon!

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